Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sending Pings When You Update Your Blog

Each time you update your blog, you want to let the search engines know that you've got new content, not to mention the many blog indexing sites that are on the web. Many search engines, such as Google, calculate how often your blog has been updated in the past, and only visit your site periodically based on that calculation. If you decide to update sooner than usual, you definitely want to take advantage of the "bulk ping" sites in order to update make that new information more accessible and available. (A ping is when your site communicates with other sites to say "I've updated.")

One of the quickest and easiest sites to send multiple pings from is Pingoat. I've mentioned thier site in the past, as it is simple to use and pings most of the popular blog indexes on the internet. Technorati is another good site to be a part of, allowing you to ping directly from their site, but lately their traffic levels are so high that they have trouble keeping up with the technical difficulties that some users are facing. You can ping the sites on Pingoat as often as you update your site, but if you try to ping when you have not updated, it will let you know that you are updating too quickly, and could reject your ping attempts. It's better to produce more content before trying to ping again.

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