Sunday, March 9, 2008

What You Lose When Your Blog is not Reader Ready

What are you really losing when your blog not only fails to keep visitors interested, but isn't drawing in a huge crowd of readers? You may think that you can ruin your online reputation or credibility, or your opportunity to make money, or even pushing potential customers away. And while all of the above may be true, you are also losing something much more. You are losing valuable time.

Face it, the internet is a fast moving world, and if you don't keep up - you could be left in the dust. When your site is is shambles, you might lose revenue or potential readers. If your blog is not finished, or lacking valuable content - you allow others the opportunity to do what you aren't. You not only prevent yourself from earning your potential during that time, but you could affect your future earnings as well. But worse yet, you lose the time that others are (or could be) excelling in your niche - instead of you. If you are taking too much time on one aspect of your blog, and aren't really prooving to be a success as of yet, you may be allowing others to take advantage of your slack, and take over your niche.

Be sure that you are making the most of your blog's presentation. If you are gearing your blog layout towards keeping readers interested in your reading, you will have more time to devote to producing quality content. You only have one chance to make a first impression in the real world, but thankfully in the virtual world you have the opportunity to bring back visitors that you may have had before. People most often remember the sites that they enjoy, or want to share - but typically forget sites that were not at all useful. So even if you've chased away a few visitors in the past, you can have your site "reader ready" before they arrive again!

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