Sunday, October 8, 2006

Finding Your Blogging Niche

So, you've decided to blog, huh? If you haven't already, then it's time to find your niche. Bloggers generally create their best work when writing about a subject they know well, as most writers do, and blogging is no exeption. So when choosing the subject of your blog, it's best to go with something you already know about. If you make a choice to blog about a subject that you are truly passionate about, you will find that you almost always have something to write about. Otherwise, you could find yourself struggling to write about your chosen subject after just a few posts. The truth is, most blogs fizzle out within just a few months for that very reason.

There are several many different types of blogs, and equally as many writers to create them. There are personal blogs, where the blogger can rant and rave about life, share pictures and videos with their friends, or take you on a personal journey through their life or a health crisis. There are business blogs, corporate bloggers, tech blogs, gaming bloggers, and blogs about blogging. Ultimately, what you blog about will depend on your interests, and can either make or break you as a blogger. So the decision of what to write about is likely the most important choice you will make, and could mean the difference between an enjoyable blogging journey, or a long and frustrating path to writer's block.

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