Monday, January 15, 2007

Commenting for Traffic

It's among the commonly used tactics for bloggers, but how does it work? Many bloggers who attempt this technique make a common mistake, which is to leave an irrelevent comment on a blog, which is actually considered spam. Comments should be left on blogs that you actually do read other people's blogs, don't you? If you're blogging solely to make money, then you may not have anything relevent to say on another blog. However, if blogging is actually a passion of yours, then chances are you are reading the blogs of others - and enjoying their work. The same way you hope that other people are reading your blog, they are hoping that you will read theirs, and your comments are one way of showing that you are.

When a blogger notices a new comment, often times they will read the comment, and very possibly click on the link to the commenter's blog. You have unofficially invited them to read your blog by leaving a comment. Also, you have left your mark for other readers of their blog, and they may also click over to your blog. Most posts remain visible for at least 30-days, and often times they are permanent, meaning your comment will most likely send a small amount of traffic from that particular blog. If your comment has something profound to say, the chances that you will peak interest in your blog are even better. However, on the flip side, if you leave a spam comment, it may either be deleted, or in most cases - ignored by readers. This is usually a dirty tactic used by sploggers, which is a term to describe "spam bloggers" - a blogger who has nothing meaningful to say, and hopes to earn money by sitting on their butt and claiming to be a blog writer. The point? I digressed - the point is that by commenting on the blogs of others, with a comment that directly relates to the blog post, you will spark interest in your blog, and therefore point a few readers towards your blog. If you're writing an interesting blog, the readers will be likely to return. It's a great way to get a few targeted readers interested in your blog.

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