Friday, February 2, 2007

Use Caution When Posting on Your Blog

Think about it, the search engines cache copies of websites, making them available in the future, even if you remove the site. Therefore, everything you write is more or less permanent. In other words, if you use your blog to vent your personal hatred for your boss, you may someday apply for a job in which your potential employer decides to Google you! Whatever you have written in the past just may show up in a search. Another reason to be careful of what you blog about is that there can be serious legal ramifications for some of the things written about the government or celebrities.

Try the vanity search on yourself just to see what comes up, it could be a whole lot that you wouldn't want anyone who knows you to read. On the otherhand, you may not come up at all. (It's still fun checking - you never know what you'll find!)

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