Friday, February 23, 2007

Monetize Your Blog for Supplemental Income

In order to successfuly monetize your blog, you must have an abundance of content. For some bloggers, knowledge may be a strong point, but maybe not writing. This isn't always a problem for bloggers, there are many successful bloggers that aren't the best writers, but their content is spectacular, which keeps readers coming back.

Once you've got readers, (which basically means you have a lot of traffic and return visitors), you can begin to see profits from your blogging efforts. There are several good programs to choose from, or you can use a few to produce several streams of income through your blog. Most of them work through links and ads that you allow to appear on your blog. Some even offer you the opportunity to sell advertising space through their program, or you can also sell space on your own if you have a very popular blog. Quite a few popular blogs use Adsense, which is a content-based advertising program available free through Google.

The ads are based on the content of your blog, which means if you have great content, and a lot of it, the content-based ads will be closely related to the content of your blog. Or you could advertise to others that they could monetize their site. AdBrite and Chitika eMiniMalls are great revenue producing sites, if they are used creatively. There are many other ways to monetize your blog, and many sites that can help you do it. Whether you choose to go with an affiliate program such as Commission Junction or Amazon, or selling personalized t-shirts and other products through CafePress, you'll have to try a few things before you discover what works for you. Test a few layouts, and if something doesn't work, don't hesitate to rearrange it. Study the layouts of successful blogs, and develop your own style and techniques that work for you, and the subject you are blogging about.

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