Monday, October 10, 2011

Self Publishing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Most writers have considered the option of publishing a book, but with the high cost of traditional publishing, not to mention the monumental task of shopping your unpublished work to various publishers in attempt to land a deal, self publishing has become the easiest way to get your book out there, and quickly, through ZinePal.

Obviously, there's no short-cut to writing the book you plan to publish, you still have to produce quality content for book, or your chances of making money on your book are close to nil. However, if you've written a book, or have a great deal of content available on your blog, you can easily convert it to Kindle eBook, PDF, or ePub using ZinePal. Just think, your eBook could soon be for sale online through Google Reader, Amazon, or on your website - and even come up on the results pages of most search engines.

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  1. Self-publishing allows you to call yourself an author, because you can hold up your book and proudly say, "I wrote this!" That may be the greatest benefit of all. So if you've been avoiding self-publishing the manuscript you've worked on so long and hard, it may well be time to join millions of other self-published authors who have a special reason to celebrate!