Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11 Rules for Avoiding Distractions

Avoiding distractions is just one of the many challenges that you will face as you move forward into the position of a full-time blogging writer. Whether you choose to work out of your home, rent an office, or even blog at your local internet cafe, you're likely to face a multitude of distractions throughout the day. These distractions, and how well you avoid them, will determine your success as a full-time blogging writer. Your time should be viewed the same as if you were working in a paid position. If you're serious about using writing or blogging as your sole source of income, you should be equally serious about avoiding time-killing distractions throughout the day.
  1. Set specific work hours during which you will tackle your daily writing. Regardless of what time of day you choose to set as your work hours, treat your day as if you were working for someone other than yourself. 
  2. Treat your blog writing as if your life depends on it. If you are making the transition from working in a traditional setting to full-time blogging, your livelihood probably does depend on your ability to set regular hours and stick to them. 
  3. Set up a comfortable work space. Be sure that your writing environment is not only comfortable, but free of incoming distractions.
  4. Avoid surfing the web. Be aware of the difference between research and internet distractions. It is all too easy to see an interesting link while you are researching, but avoid the temptation to click on it. 
  5. Schedule specific break and meal times, allowing yourself plenty of time to get some serious work done. Once you have set up your daily schedule, stick to it! If you find yourself confused about the reasons for adhering to a set schedule, refer back to rule number 2. 
  6. Periodically walk around and clear your mind. Using your breaks to surf the web, watch television, or eat a light snack can help refresh your mind, but then get back to work!
  7. Turn off online notifications and social networking tools. Having instant notifications interrupt your thoughts can leave you feeling blank moments later. While sometimes being socially connected can be helpful – most of the time it will be the source of constant distraction.
  8. If at all possible, turn off your cell phone, or even your land-line. Unless you are expecting an important call, avoid talking on the phone during work hours.
  9. Insist that others respect your work hours. If you share a home or office space with others, let them know that you will be "unavailable" during specific hours or times of the day.
  10. Value your available work time during the day. You can place a monetary value on it, or just view each moment of the day as “opportunity for advancement” in your newly developing blogging career.
  11. Remember that you are your own boss - which means you are responsible for managing your time. Much in the same way a “9 to 5” boss would be paying for your time and work, think of your own time as a “valuable opportunity” to make money.

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