Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitter is like a fast moving river of quick witted tourette-like tweets. But with the 140 character limit, the average twitter-tweeter must choose their words wisely!

With Twitter, the user is almost forced into self-absorption from the beginning, when you are prompted with the question, "what are you doing?".

Facebook on the other hand, is community based, and without friends, your online social status is at risk! The average Facebook user is naturally compelled to post pictures of their friends, their families, their lives. Without being able to communicate with specific people they know, life on Facebook would just not be the same.

However, with Twitter, one can become a self-indulged mini-blogger, posting blurbs about their activities, their 140 character witty remarks, and not care much about interaction - if that's what one wants. Lurking is much easier on Twitter, because you can virtually see everyone. Facebook, on the other hand, has a feature that allows the user to set their profile to private.

While are both allow users to be social or self-absorbed, apples and oranges are both still fruit. And as the title suggests, this is more of a debate than a question.

If I had to compare them, I'd put it more like this:

Twitter is more like an apple. Just bite in.
Facebook is more like an orange. You need to work a bit more to reap the fruit of your works.

Both can be sweet, or cause a bitter aftertaste in one's mouth!

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