Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogging Quick Tip: Keep Your Blog Audience Interested

What do you see for your blog? Sometimes we get so caught up in searching for the next best marketing tool, and forget all about the tried and true. Sure there are brand new marketing techniques that boost traffic and put your name out there, but it's ultimately up to you to create a buzz and generate hype. Traffic spikes may not do you any good unless you've got a great blog going, or are giving out some awesome information. But some blogs need some old school help, and using some of techniques of old really come in handy. You are your ultimate buziness card, and your blog is your product.

Let's take a moment to examine a common blogging blogging mistake:

Attempting to use mystery and enticement to draw in your visitors, and never revealing your true secrets will keep visitors coming, and keep them interested, as long as you give them enough to keep them hooked.
This might work if you're Yaro Starak, but not if you're just starting out. It sounds good in theory, and if you are a very established, highly respected blogger it just might keep people coming in, but even Yaro gives out plenty of brilliant marketing techniques, blogging tips, traffic building methods, and ideas that can help any blogger rise above ground level. Even if you have already exposed some of your best information, you can still use that as your selling point for your blog, highlighting your best work by frequently referring and linking to it from other posts or pages, including from your sidebar links.

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