Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do You Have What it Takes to Go the Distance?

This post may not exactly contain the encouragement some new bloggers are looking for, but at least you'll get the truth upfront and decide if blogging is something you're really ready to do. It's not just about putting up a few blog posts, setting up some ads, and watching the money pour in. Actually, it's quite the opposite, working hard and facing the possibility of not seeing any money for months to come. If you've ever watched the MTV hit show "MADE" then you already know that what you dream of doing and what you're actually willing to do could be two different things. Most people who dream of being a professional blogger actually don't have the drive and determination to stick with it long enough to see any real results.

Aside from your level of determination, the subject you choose to blog about could actually set you up for failure. How well do you really know the topic you want to blog about? Some of the most successful bloggers are considered experts because they've been blogging about their chosen topics for several years, or working in their niche field successfully for quite some time before setting up their blogs. Even with a great deal of knowledge in a certain subject, you could end up needing to do some serious research to push out a great blog post. But even being an expert may not be enough if you're not ready to push yourself to produce regular content.

Would you continue to blog even if you knew no one was reading your posts? If so, you just might have what it takes. In the beginning, chances are - you won't have many, if any, readers. But you can't let this discourage you, or even slow you down. Many blog readers would like to know that you've got enough content to keep them interested. That means quality information as well, otherwise, even if you have a ton of posts, your blog may not be interesting enough to keep them reading, or to stay on your site. Take a moment to check out your past history with following through with things that are often harder than you thought. Would you categorize yourself as a quitter? Your past history would offer a great deal of insight into how far you're willing to go, and whether or not you're willing to go the distance.

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