Friday, July 20, 2007

Why Do You Blog?

Some blog for money, some blog for fun. I'll admit, I just blog because I'm a geek, and I get pretty severe withdrawal symptoms if I don't blog about something. I run several blogs, as well as have a few paid blogging positions that I write for quite often. When I'm not blogging, I'm reading other blogs, writings emails, and writing advertisements for the business we run from our home. But it's when I'm writing that I am most at ease with myself.

As with a lot of people who really love their job, I wake up each morning eager to go to work. Even though I work for myself, there are days when I hate my boss. But since I'm in charge, I can decide to take a longer lunch break, take a day off, hang with the kids, or put in extra hours without bothering anyone. I'm a bit of a work-a-holic, and often have to push myself to take time away from what I love to do. I've been reading and dreaming of writing since I was a child, and over the past few years, have been working to turn that dream into a reality.

Why you write can determine how long you'll stick it out. Those who are purely in it for the money may not last long, especially when the money doesn't roll in during the first few months. But those of you who write simply because you love it may contine to write even if no one is reading your blog. Although interaction is great, and turning a blog post into converstation is a very rewarding experience, it is not the main reason many bloggers write. Whatever your reasons are, you should also enjoy what you do. Even if you don't have a large following, if you're blogging and you're having fun doing it, keep going. Eventually, if you're interesting or have interesting information to share, you'll develop a readership that will encourage you to do what you love.


  1. Hi, I found you at Problogger and was intrigued by your Question Post. I will be checking out more of your content as I am a fairly green blogger but a persistent writer and your titles seem very relevant.

  2. Hi. I found you through Authority Blogger and will read more. I am new to blogging. My first article was posted on June 1. I write because I need to. Like you, I have written from a young age. I always wanted to use my experiences to help other people. With my blog, I am doing both---writing and sharing. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker at