Friday, July 20, 2007

Are You on a Blogging Island?

Isolating yourself can be good for a short time, but if you figuratively live on a blogging island all of your own, you may not end up having the best response to your blog. As a blogger, you've got to find a way to get yourself out there, making yourself known. Creating a place for yourself as a writer in the blogosphere at some point becomes a necessity. This can happen in quite a few ways, but is always much easier if you have great content.

However, for some bloggers, there can be a large amount of work that goes into carving your name into your niche. Whether you start your day at the local coffee shop with fellow bloggers, or have a few of your favorite blogs that you regularly read and comment on, you will probably find that your visibility will increase if you network with other bloggers. But it's got to be done right, otherwise could receive the less-than-desired title of a "splogger". Get to know some of the bloggers in your niche, or at the very least, get to know their blogs.

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