Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Your Writing Style Distracting Your Readers

Because so many bloggers have begun to worry about how much money their time is worth, they often forget to have fun, and enjoy what they do. After all, a good blogger has to appreciate the written language, and enjoy writing. This can be especially true for corporate bloggers. But more recently, bloggers are beginning to let go of the formal writing style, and starting to use a more fluent, speaking-style writing. Just like you would say it if the person you were talking to were stading in front of you. If you have something of value that you are offering on your site, too much fluff around your point will make it mute.

When you loosen up the writing style a little bit, you become more free in what you want to say - and how you say it. But this doesn't mean that you'd want to use cRaZy TyPiNg styles either, that makes it just as difficult to read as a ransom note. The point is, to make it easy for the reader to understand what you are saying - or if in fact you have anything valuable to say at all. These things are important to readers, and can make the difference between someone coming back to read more - or avoiding links that point to your site!

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