Monday, February 25, 2008

Stolen Content May Help You Advertise Your Blog through Deep Linking

It’s never comforting to realize that someone has stolen your hard work by ripping off your latest article. But there are some steps you can take to ensure that your blog will receive some healthy advertising through the whole ordeal. Fighting against the article skimmers could be long and fruitless, and could leave you more frustrated than the day you discovered your copy on someone else’s page. But with a little extra effort, those content thieves could be sending you some extra traffic!

The first thing you need to understand is how your article is likely to be used. In most cases, content thieves are skimming articles in order to quickly put together a blog with a seemingly long history. It’s a common scam that sploggers use to fill up their blog archives with well written articles in order to give them what appears to be longevity and “credibility” in their chosen niche. They will typically post your article along with the articles of others onto a blog with no contact information, but usually with all of the original links attached. In fact, you may even discover that by clicking the title link, you are taken to your own blog or site. While it is definitely a bad thing that your name is not included in the byline of your article, you may find a small amount of comfort knowing that the article links to your website.

But you can do even more to promote your site through potentially stolen content – other than just complain. Since it’s become common practice among bloggers to link a related article within a post, you can take comfort knowing that this will help your link building process. But how does this help you? You already know that you can make each and every post on your blog direct readers to other pages on your site, but what you may not realize is that these are deep links. (Deep links are any links that provide a direct route to specific information, without having to navigate through a site from their Home page.) These can be used to your benefit when designing your website, as they will likely appear on the thief’s blog as well. These deep links within your posts will help redirect readers towards your blog, no matter where they find your article.

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