Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Truth About Blogging and Adsense

Warning: If you are overly sensitive to the truth, you may not continue to read this blatant post!

When I attended career guidance classes in high-school, I don't quite remember "sitting around in my underwear checking my AdSense stats" being on the list of possible careers, but it seems to be quite the dream job of today. While there are a few of us who like to keep busy, I'm pretty sure there are millions of people out there who would just love to quit working and take a permanent all-expenses paid vacation. But that's just not reality, no matter how great it sounds.

Bloggers Needed: Lazy People Need Not Apply

First of all, successful blogging is work. I'm not sure how much of that is making sense, but the keyword here is: WORK. I do agree, it's not always hard work, but it is work nonetheless. The sooner you believe and understand the fact that blogging requires work, the sooner you can begin to enjoy your job. If that was not too difficult for you to swallow, you may want to continue reading about what AdSense can do for you.

If you already have a high level of traffic, AdSense has a tendency to produce two more common results: Based on a high percentage of "clickers", you may actually start off day one earning Adsense revenue. On the flip side, if you have a lot of loyal readers who enjoy the fact that your blog remains ad-free, you run the risk of offending them. Many readers enjoy non-threatening environment of a blog that isn't trying to sell them anything, including "junk-advertising".

The AdSense Catch-22

If your site has relatively few readers or visitors, you won't necessarily offend anyone - but you probably won't make any money the first day, either. As your readers develop a loyalty to you as a writer, they will have already been exposed to your AdSense ads, and still continue to frequent your blog. As your readership grows, depending on your niche - your earnings should correspondingly increase. But this is not always true. Some niches simply produce more "clicking" visitors than others. In fact, if your niche is not product based, you may find that the relevant ads are actually not relevant at all, and may not generate interest or clicks.

By implementing your ads in higher visibility areas, you will increase the visibility of the ads, encouraging more clicks, but you also compromise your layout design, and should be careful not to give up valuable "real-estate" on your blog to irrelevant material. Be sure to place some of your most useful information in neighboring spaces, so that you ensure that your readers will not only be exposed to your ads, but have an equal opportunity to read the information they came to read. If your ads are more prominent than your content, you may find that your visitors quickly leave your site through your ads. If you simply to wish to generate clicks, I suppose this would be the way to go, but most bloggers are genuinely interested in having their content actually read! In that case, concentrate on your content - and its visibility.

Ignore your readers - and they'll go away.

Personally, I am more motivated by returning visitors, multiple page views, and lengthy visits than how many pennies I can earn per visitor. But by the same token, I am also encouraged by the possibility that I may not provide everything my readers want, and that perhaps through relevant ads, I might give them something they are looking for - while earning revenue at the same time.

When properly balanced, AdSense can be a valuable tool for both readers and bloggers, providing additional content and products to your visitors, and generating revenue for bloggers and website owners, without interrupting the blog-reading experience for the visitors.

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