Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Decision to Write Online or Publish a Book Traditionally

I am continually amazed to see how many writers and authors are turning to blogging as a literary outlet. For many years, I have known many people who say they have a book ready to be written, a lot of people who say they have already started writing their book, a few who have written a lot down and have a few books written, but nothing published - but only a couple who have actually accomplished the goal of becoming a published author.

At the same time, I have watched many of these very people make the switch from the monumental and often unsuccessful traditional publishing route - to the self-publishing power of the Internet. Most recently, this is taking place in the form of blogs, and suddenly everyone is a writer. The days of waiting months to hear form a publishing company while your sweat and tears lie in a pile of dusty manuscripts are gone. No more paying thousands of dollars to have your book published while you strip yourself of your ethics and dignity, and still get nowhere.

While this may sound like an open-invitation to flood the Internet with your ramblings, it's actually intended to be an inspirational tidbit to encourage you to look deep within yourself and decide whether you're ready to start now - or wait to write that book until you . . . perhaps don't even write it? Procrastination will get you nowhere, my friends.

While many people are worried about plagiarism and scraping, plagiarizers and scrapers are also looking to non-internet and tangible forms of literature to take from, in order to prevent detection. If you decide to brave the web, and whether you decide to blog your book one chapter at a time, or write informative posts or articles, just get writing! Keep your wheels turning, your gears oiled, and be inspired. Don't bury your talents any long, just do it. Write something!

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