Sunday, May 27, 2007

Three Tips to Successful Blogging

No matter what your blogging motivation is, you're eventually going to want people to be reading it. Whether you're writing a novel online, or blogging in a particular niche to establish yourself as a blogger, without readers, your blog will essentially be for the simple self-satisfaction and enjoyment of designing and writing to your blog. If you are writing a novel online in the form of a blog, you'll want readers to leave you encouraging comments, or constructive criticism. If you're running a business blog, you'll want readers in order to make money, as you will if you're running a niche blog with advertisements, visitors and readers will help generate revenue.
High Quality High Quantity Blogging - If you want to build an excellent readership, you'll not only want to provide regularly updated information, but high quality information that your readers can benefit from. People will come back if they are receiving something, or learning something from your site. Readers will also likely return on a regular basis if they are entertained by what they are reading. Your blog can be simply for entertainment purposes, or your useful information can be written in an entertaining way, both will bring people back for more.
Useful Links and Information - If your blog is providing links to information that is useful to the readers, or information that isn't generally easy to find, your readers will likely return for more information. This is especially true if you regularly update the material on your site, or post to your blog on a regular basis. A great deal of people searching for information on the internet will search for free information before opting to pay for information, so providing it for free would boost your readership.
Credibility - In order to establish credibility, you've got to know what you're talking about. If you don't know your subject well, you'll have to be willing to do a lot of research to learn enough to write fluently about the subject. It's generally good to choose a subject you are extremely familiar with, especially if you want to establish credibility as an expert in your field. However, if you're just trying to get your feet wet, post quite a few articles and posts before you launch your blog or website. Try to get a feel for what it's like to post regularly, and establish a pattern to your posting. That way, you're not overwhelmed with by the need to post as often. While keeping your blog updated in the future, you can rest assured that your readers have enough to keep them reading. Don't launch if you're not familiar with regular posting unless you already have plenty of content. Readers may not come back if you only have one post. Blogging credibility can take months, and hundreds of posts to attain, but you've got to pay your dues in nearly every field. It's rare for anyone to burst out on the scene as an expert in a field if no one has ever heard of them.

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